In June, we are flying a dream

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In June, we are flying a dream

Caused by the fourth student

In June, we have a common dream;

In June, thousands of students pick up a pen on the "sword" moment;


In June, we will be beyond the dreams of a take-off ......

At that moment, we fly their own dreams.

Garden Sunflowers Are Green, dew to be Xi. Spring Bude Ze, of all things raw glory. The morning sun, the earth spreading ballast, vibrant Campus everything; spring rain all over her the entire campus, the recovery of all things, full of vitality. Has been hailed as the flowers of the motherland, nourishing sun and rain, our efforts to compete with the desire bloom moment, blooming is the secret to our success.

Recalling four years of hardships, he June enlightened. Junior high school for four years, everyone has been playing the symphony of a self, only the same melody and rhythm from relief to anxious. Junior high school for four years, we grow, we are no longer children naive, but have adult-like thinking; we are no longer willing to do the "little roundworm" dependent on their parents, but want to be a separate "master"; the classroom, we are no longer passive like to listen to, but the initiative "the purpose of listening ...

A short step to a thousand miles; small streams into rivers. Four years, we have a pen and paper calculations to study the road, we have intentions of planning his life. At the moment, only Su Shi June 27 Lake House drunk book "The ability to interpret our desire, longing heart of the dream, the dark clouds turned the ink does not cover the mountain, white rain jump beads chaos into the ship. Volume to the wind to suddenly disperse. Lakeview downstairs water, such as day. "In June, we sweat flooded the needy old lament, until the time of the closed bud to bloom, flying my dreams.



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