Searching for a profound sense of happiness

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Your letter and many people don't, your letter not love, also and academic career without specific contact. So for the first time a chat life situation.



You 25 years of age, and everything goes well. This year is not happening, not unemployment, not brokenhearted, healthy, according to track all operation.

True good, most people are so life, I think. Imagine the 9 o 'clock every day to work in the trumpets sounded, the city jungle struggled to run one of the crowd is you.


Can you say that you have anxiety. You said you repeat the 22 after graduation life state, a bit tired. Once the pride and satisfaction can get things, it can no longer let you have passion, you said you have with many new things to dissolve the form sense, the new hair style, to never went place to travel, to consume many dream of luxury, but each time get later, satisfaction not long and you as if to face more desire, deeper emptiness. You do disappointed, feel not lovely not simple less insists. Would you like to know that "anxiety and depression hidden behind the most profound secret."


See your letter, I have a moved. Many people let in the life of the anxiety over themselves, some of them with colorful glaring emerge in endlessly material to meet their own, someone to rest yet blindly with the work to attack yourself, someone in passive video games or TV entertainment forgotten in consumption. But you don't, you think something's wrong with the life, you ask why. This all things but not easily obtained the significance of s, this kind of asking is rare even is a luxury.


But I believe that this will ask in everyone's life will be with this or that form, sooner or later.


In my life first know this cross-examine is in a philosophy class, the old man in the summer afternoon passionate fight-back said a called Kant's philosopher to yourself, and put forward several problems of human: "I can know what should I do?????????? Can I expect???????" And "what is man."


I must admit that afternoon cross-examine the significance of these to me is but the notebook words of just, these questions in the form of knowledge only appeared, to the mind is useless. Only when these cross-examine in way of life let us face to face with, we will out from the heart and Kant the same cross-examine. While this sounds very unpopular, but looking for a profound sense of happiness is each has heart instinct.


Now you can't live give you this deep happiness, so you discontent. The way you eliminate dissatisfaction is possession and consumption, is to the world of certain conquered. The conquering effect, is the desire of the wound sprinkled sugar, sweet but makes the wound and to expand the worse. Each kind of dissatisfaction for some kind of desire and often performance desire, and they need to be well and understand. As is under pressure to eat and drink too much or, after the wages above the shopping enthusiasm, before the exam, take textbooks but have always been watching television more nervous escape more psychological. Not a good understanding of his desire, can let this desire over himself. They revel, they even addictive, because they don't know their own heart, and their situation, their needs.

This can't blame you, our education, makes the way we treat the world always all is the simple even rough: possession and consumption. Our goal has always been clear: the exam, get high grades, test school, find good job. Each step is the clear goal, each target is the process of arrived in a war. I know, I know, the outside world is only look at the results. But you also so forgotten enjoyed the process, gradually become value only the last is to achieve the result. This is probably one of the reasons why you are not happy.


Enjoy travel enjoy is a luxury good thing, you of the results of these things too much importance on, let you enjoy in the process of always looking for a extra looking forward to. When this expectation when frustrated, you gain is deeper discontent, enjoy simply become a punishment. Put down the extra is to let these enjoy reduction for the only way to enjoy. And fall in love, you expecting and a the crush of boys date together, he will make you more or less disappointed, because he must and you want to own. You now for these enjoy boredom, like fell in love and five years of boyfriend send you a bunch of roses, your feelings and five years ago when the first received rose certainly not the same. Those who bring you passion things in a state of mind and the situation, more or less be ineffective. This is not your problems, but the life was so. Deliberately repetition does not bring the expected passion. Just a good to tell your immediate real needs, can make her feel happy.


Sometimes I envy those still pretty ignorant child, their happiness that simple. Doubt life and feel nothing is a symbol of growth, I even think this is life of normal.


Sometimes I think the childhood we, as is the life in a theme park. There's a clear rules, construction and anacreontic, there is always the sunshine, does not need the meals, does not need the playmate. What problems can have seemed very clear answer, so also won't have what deep anxiety. Each game has a destination, is like reading the junior middle school will have graduated from junior high school, high school in the university entrance exam read will graduate, does well to go to college, take an examination of well read college. After college to find work, and then we'll suddenly at the theme park in the outside. The world and theme park. It as broad lonely, and crowded.


25 years old you, and it is now in the had never experienced the fog. You use you used to treat around the world, but the world's response and you look forward to. You lost, you can't find the direction.


In the life and the world of the forest lost, I think this is life often happen a normal state. This time you can find the poetry of life and diversity, you will stop and watch all around, observing, and asked myself: "you exactly want where to go to, what you need to do. Those who only heard a gold mineral deposits and then all the way ahead to run more than people, may also have their happiness. But those who stopped to feel their existence and looked up at the sky moments, it is so precious. Dear you, is this moment.


What on earth are you want where to go to, by your own decision. The important thing is, you have to give yourself do give significance. You have to give yourself BeiDouXing choice.


Maybe then you go all the way will be the fog, and you are to give their choice of direction to convince a reason. That must be your own approved significance. Your heart to have their own standards.


You want to do your own thing, and have to understand, to do things you like to do doesn't mean all the way at smoothly and return. My favorite a archeologists LinYing said: "I do some things, because they are is important to me." Don't store utility nature to do those things that are important to you, they give you return far than the utility.


You must understand the distinction between you and the things and the thing that has nothing to do with you. 25 years old you experience also has a lot of, of interesting things inexhaustible, and outside curiosity, you will develop concentration and judgment. I believe that true exchange and the real creation let people get deep sense of happiness. The next years ahead, keep curiosity, don't give up enjoy what is beautiful, but to focus and energy in creative things.


In literally for life and the meaning of life is never get the answer. Only in life can answer questions of life. Dear SAN SAN, first do not worry, do not rush to give yourself the "not lovely not simple" such judgments. You are entering a new state, perhaps you are not familiar with this state, but don't use any negative way to judge.


To present myself to be gentle, do not misused his her. Put down the extra expectations, to see what she needs patience. Gentle open to yourself, you will know where to go.


As long as you look, will find that every piece of the stars are very generous. The single best for you bright shining star never covered by fog.


I am in a summer night, go to Germany's Schoenburg, fruit directly translated into Chinese, is "pretty fort". Where the night so quiet, even take a deep breath are afraid of other people will be moved. Galaxy clearly visible, low as in the castle, reach out and touch. The stars deep was beautiful fascinating, let a person look stupid, don't go away. The stars look is lower, the more the look.


Then at the time I was like, the universe is so beautiful, nothing really worth deep anxiety.


May you in the present in the fog of confusion but can secure though patience, may you looking after current time can smile can also forget.


Enjoy each moment was present. Lost time can also poetry.



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